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Connecting the DOTS with affordable solutions

1. Energy Efficiency by reducing Waste is the cheapest, cleanest and fastest form of new Energy.

It is estimated that a complete switch to LED Lighting technology could generate savings of Euro130B or equivalent to 640 power stations globally. This saves Money$$$ and resources, reduces hazardous waste and reduces Carbon Footprint effectively resulting in a sustainable greener Earth for the next generation.

2. Embrace Internet of Things! With Sensory DATA, one is AWARE; Once aware, one could CONTROL for the BETTER.

Closed loop internet-speed feedbacks and cloud computing data analytics provides seamless Human-machine connectivity and Lifestyle Automation experiences.

3. Peace of Mind/Security/Home Care is an Investment and must be Interactive.

With interactive solution, you will have total control of your home security and home care system from ANYWHERE, receiving notifications when triggered so that timely actions could be taken to PROTECT your home.