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ASE transforming factories and the communities


Mercury Facts

  • 1/70th of a teaspoon can contaminate a 25 acre Lake, rendering the fish in it unsafe to eat for 50 years.
  • The human nervous system is very sensitive to all forms of mercury.
  • Exposure to high levels of mercury can cause permanent brain damage, central nervous system disorders, memory loss, heart disease, kidney failure, liver damage, loss of vision, loss of sensation and tremors.

The 50,000 T8 Led Tube Green Impact

1. Electricity Savings in 24×7 Factory Operation

  • Total Annual Energy Savings 157kWh x 50000 = 7862MWh/year
  • Total Energy Savings for 3 years is 23587MWh
  • Total Electricity Savings @USD0.165 Taiwan Rate is US$3.9M in 3 years
  • Payback in 8 months at 148% ROI to replace Fluorescent Tubes

2. Reduction and Carbon Tax Savings for the future

  • One Tube saves 157kWH or 0.093MT of CO2E per year
  • 50000 saves 4,646MT/year of CO2E Reduction or 13938MT/3-years
  • Euro Carbon Trading is EU30 or USD40 per MT @2013. Saves USD557,516/3 year

3. Contributing to a Cleaner Environment

  • Each Fluorescent tube contains 23mg of Mercury
  • 23mg of Mercury will go into ground water, river, soils contaminating 30,000 liters above safe drinking level
  • 50000 fluorescent tubes will contaminate our beautiful earth with 1.15kg of Mercury into the water, fish, animals and humans.