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Quick Overview

iMonnit Express™ is an alternative to the online version that runs as a standalone PC application without the need for an Internet connection. This system is meant to provide a simple and effective way for customers to manage a smaller network of sensors. The basic version of the software supports up to 5 wireless gateways and 20 wireless sensors, and is capable of sending notifications via email when sensor thresholds have been met or exceeded. (Internet connection is required to send email notifications.)

Upgrade your account to iMonnit Premiere and receive the following additional advanced features for a minimal annual cost:

  • Wireless Pressure Meters
  • Wireless Duct Temperature Sensors
  • Wireless Quad Temperature Sensors
  • Wireless AC Current Meters
  • Wireless Vibration Meters
System Requirements Computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser
Notifications Supported SMS text message, email, voice phone call or Monnit local alert
Minimum Heartbeat (Sensor Check-in) 10 minutes
Number of Sensor Networks Supported 20 per account (Premiere subscribers can link accounts for virtually unlimited sensor networks)
Number of Sensors Supported 10,000 sensors per account (500 sensors per network)
Number of Gateways Supported 1,000 gateways per account
Number of Users Supported Unlimited
Sensor Data History Not currently limited
Mobile Apps Available Android and iOS